Disappearance + Gaze + Speaker

By Iranian Film Festival - San Francisco (other events)

Saturday, September 22 2018 9:15 PM 11:00 PM

Director: Ali Asgari, Iran, 88 minutes, Cast: Sadaf Asgari, Amir Reza Ranjbaran, Mohammad Heidari, Mohammad Kamal Alavi, Nazanin Ahmadi

On a cold winter’s night in modern Tehran, a couple of young lovers run into a serious problem, and they have just a few hours to come up with a solution. They go from hospital to hospital in search for help, but none of the hospitals will admit the young woman and provide her with the medical attention she desperately requires. While they try hard to find a way to solve the problem, they have to hide what is happening from their parents. Moreover, their relationship is facing a crisis and will suffer dire consequences. Caught between conservative traditions and modern-day desires, the couple must face their uncertain future.

Screening with: Gaze (Negah) + Speaker